Unruly Heritage

An Archaeology of the Anthropocene

The aim of this project is to investigate how the haunting, ruined, and stranded material legacies of the Anthropocene
challenge current conceptions of heritage, and urge us to adopt more accommodating and complex understandings.

Unruly Heritage explores how things’ persistency complicates and questions traditional delineations between past
and present, and how their unruly afterlives allow for alternative memory practices. It critically scrutinizes the
ethical foundations of heritage, as well as explores possible justifications for, and consequences of an ethics
extended to things. In doing so, it investigates how a radical broadening of the humanistic concept
of care may contribute to alternative and more ecologically sound heritage approaches.




Esther Breithoff / Levi Bryant / Mats Burström / Denis Byrne
Caitlin DeSilvey / Ewa Domanska / Geneviève Godin / Timothy LeCain
Bjørnar Olsen / Þóra Pétursdóttir / Anatolijs Venovcevs / Svetlana Vinogradova



Funded by The Research Council of Norway


Between abandonment and death - a post-historical in between where an object is suspended. Not really systemic and not fully archaeological yet. The space in which most of contemporary… https://t.co/vrVwfzX7VL

Are you looking to put an archaeological twist on your Valentine's Day celebrations? We recommend packing your best 70s attire, grabbing your mates, and heading over to the Russian work camp for some serious mining action. 💞


Cold War sentinels - barren concrete fence posts still guarding the shoreline of a former Soviet restricted area in Tallinn, Estonia by what is now a popular pedestrian path.

#tallinn… https://t.co/b4XdmAOjn8

A great new paper by one of ours, from the @object_matters project.

It takes a special person to love a crumbling concrete bunker. We do!

A collection of pictures of WW2 concrete bunkers.

#bunker #concretebunker #love #concrete #archaeology… https://t.co/KM7wKvB1tl

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