On January 11 the exhibition ARV opened at Sortland Museum where it will be on display until March 21. The exhibition was formally opened by Cathrine Paus from the Arctic University Museum of Norway and was visited by 170 people on its first day. ARV has been on display in Tromsø and Berlin and was orginally conceived as part of the joint anniversaries of UiT – The Arctic University of Norway (50 year anniversary) and CAS – Centre for Advanced Study (25 year anniversary) in 2018. More information in Norwegian can be found on the website of Kulturfabrikken Sortland where Sortland Museum resides.

ARV is based on material from fieldwork carried out by Bjørnar Olsen and Þóra Pétursdóttir, and explores the enduring legacies of the Anthropocene through Plastiglomerates from Icelandic shores or the ruins of an abandoned boarding school in Sarnes, Finnark. ARV was designed by Joar Nango, in collaboration with Jonathan Igharas and Håvard Arnhoff, with sounds by Alexander Rishaug, and film by Gry Mortensen.

Photo from the Tromsø exhibition by Jonathan Igharas.

ARV will travel to Hammerfest and Murmansk next.

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